Three easy ways to keep your old car going

Has your old vehicle still got miles to go?

I was very much surprised to hear that the average age of a car on the road is 8 years and that most cars that go for scrap are on average about 14 years old.

For someone who commutes in a 15-year-old Clio Rush, this shocked me. Why is the average car age so low? Should my car belong in the skip by now? Or are people just quick to decide that their car is “too old now”?

Most cars have the ability to run for much longer than just 8 years, so JudgeService has put together the three easiest ways to keep an old car going and making sure it is in tip-top shape.

Drive regularly.

I know it may seem obvious, but a car that sits on the drive for long periods of time is going to react the say way a human being would. Imagine if you sat on the sofa for a week and didn’t move, the chances are when you finally got up, you wouldn’t feel too fine.

Driving your car regularly (at the very least once a week) ensures that the battery doesn’t drain. Having to jump-start your car frequently because the battery keeps dying puts extra strain on the car’s battery and may do some long-term damage to small electricals and the engine management system.

Frequent fluid and tyre check-ups.

Your car has several different essential fluids that it needs. Neglecting to check they are topped up may cause you some concerning issues such as engine damage.

We recommend when you wash your car, also do a fluid check at the same time. If you don’t wash your car often, you should. This is because in winter salt on the roads can build up in the cracks and gaps of your vehicle. Salt, especially on older cars, can cause corrosion, which is best to avoid.

Fluids you need to check include oil, radiator coolant and screen wash. If not only for the health of your car, but your own peace of mind. Each of them is super easy to fill and require little car knowledge and are a simple way to keep your car ticking.

Checking your tyres is crucial. The tread and the pressure of your tyres can impact the performance of your vehicle massively. Additionally, its safety.

Our top tip – check your tyre pressure at the garage on your first fuel fill-up of the month.

Services aren’t scary.

Sticking to your service and MOT schedule is a good thing to make a habit of. They may seem like a scary thing and just an extra expense but keeping your car regularly serviced is something that you should budget for at least once a year. For older cars I would 100% recommend a “winter service”, an extra trip to the garage when the weather gets colder, just make sure everything is as it should be.

It’s true that old cars aren’t always the most economical vehicles to run, but sometimes we have to make the best of what we’ve got and get as much life out them as possible can be really handy for people who can’t necessarily afford to upgrade. But JudgeService can tell you that these three steps will help towards the longevity of your old car!

an image of tyres stacked on top of each other
Check your tyre tread and pressure every month.

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