How do I delete a Google review?

Removing reviews.

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Deleting a review which violates Google’s review policy is simple enough, but it might not always happen as quickly as you expect.

Google doesn’t have an explicit “delete” option unless you are the author of the review yourself.

However, as someone in charge of managing a businesses reviews, it’s important to be able to remove any reviews which may be deemed “inappropriate”.

To do this you need to:

  • Find the review you want to be taken down.
  • Click the 3 dots.
  • Select “Flag as inappropriate”.
  • You’ll then be directed to a page where you enter your email address and the reasoning behind why you think the review is inappropriate.
  • Google will then look at your request and email you how they intend to deal with the review.

The downside to the process is that the review can only be deemed as “inappropriate” by Google’s own policy and does not take into consideration each individual business policy.

Therefore, something you might think is inappropriate may not be seen the same way by Google and the review will not be removed.

Also, a point to remember, Google will not just remove a review because it is a negative one.

But neither should you! Why?

A few negative reviews shouldn’t be something to lose sleep over. The benefits of a very small percentage of negative reviews actually outweigh a 100% 5-star reviews.

This is because people are trusting less and less of what they read online. With a rise in fake news and targeting scams, customers want to be reassured that what they are reading is fact.

A business which only portrays perfect reviews will start to look fishy in the eyes of the consumer.

So how do you get a perfect balance? It’s all about how you manage those reviews.

Review Management

The only sure-fire way to ensure customers know you are a trusted and reliable business to spend their hard-earned cash with, is to manage your reviews effectively.

Responding to every less than perfect review in a timely and respectful manner shows new potential buyers that you care about the service they are receiving, and you want to do your best to fix their problem.

Customer service is unfortunately a distanced practice, but the friendliness of a warm smile and a helping hand still needs to be seen online.

If you can prove to new customers that customer service is your priority, then those negative reviews will soon become a distant memory, as they are reassured that you will do everything possible to ensure they receive a positive experience!

But I don’t have time to look through all my reviews across the internet!

Well, then JudgeService has a simple solution for you! Reputation Manager is an easy and user-friendly platform which collates all of your reviews from across the web like Google, Facebook and Trustpilot and displays them in an online interface for you to manage.

You can set up instant notifications so that you don’t let a poor review which needs action slip through your fingers.

you have a new review notification

You can also gather insightful reports and compare your site to others across your business.

Reputation Manager’s arguably most crucial tool is the “reply” feature. Meaning that you can reply to your reviews from Google, Facebook and JudgeService from within the Reputation Manager platform without having to search the web for that particular review!

It makes review management a doddle!

Here’s a handy video to tell you more information about how Reputation Manager works!

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