How to get a JudgeService customer satisfaction award

Is your customer service hitting the mark?

100% award on a white circle on a blue background featuring the JS logo
Example of the JudgeService 100% customer satisfaction award.

It’s that time of year again when JudgeService recognises the achievements of hundreds of car dealers across the UK.

Any dealers with a JudgeService score of 95% or above will be receiving their certificates and awards later this week.

This official award is based on verified customer reviews and is a true reflection of the dealer’s customer service skills.

This score can be displayed in the dealership and online so that buyers can see that your dealership comes highly recommended by hundreds of verified customers.

Want to get your hands on a JudgeService customer satisfaction award?

Without online reviews and recommendations from genuine car-buyers, your dealerships will struggle to gain traction as people rely on trusted testimonials to decide whether to purchase from you.

Managing online reviews can take a lot of time, but JudgeService can do all the hard work for you. JudgeService will send all your car-buyers a satisfaction survey to fill out post-purchase. The results from these surveys will then generate your customer satisfaction score, but that’s not all!

We will also send you insightful reports, granular data and analytics which will show you exactly how/where you can improve your customer satisfaction score. Our data will also highlight where your sales team are exceeding so you can recognise their hard work.

With the JudgeService package, you can generate genuine customer reviews, reply to dissatisfied customers to ensure their problems get fixed in a timely manner, manage your reviews across the web in one simple place and find out exactly how you can improve your customer service.

JudgeService helps you make the world a better place, one customer at a time.

To sign up or simply find out more about JudgeService’s fantastic packages which start from only £30 per month click here to enquire!

Alternatively, you can ring 01423 225166 or email