Why do customers filter by 1-star reviews?

We all know just how important online reviews are.

Now more than ever, with customers being forced to do the majority of their shopping online, reviews can make or break your business.

Although we don’t like to highlight it, it’s very likely you have very small percentage negative reviews, However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, here’s why…


A product/company with a high volume of only positive reviews can sound alarm bells in the ears of a customer. Only displaying positive reviews can cast doubt on whether the reviews are genuine, especially if you are a new business. Displaying negative reviews assures the customer that you have nothing to hide from them.

Being honest and trustworthy are factors which will help customers believe that you are trying to sell a quality product to them, rather than scam them out of their money.


Customers quite often are intrigued to know if a company are inclined to respond to their negative reviews. If you let your negative reviews fester without an effort to appease the customer or fix their problem, this can have a poor impact on your reputation. A timely and polite response to a negative review reflects well in your favour as it shows you have done your best to please an unhappy customer.

How can JudgeService help with your reviews?

JudgeService only requests reviews from verified customers, so you don’t have to worry about fake reviews when you sign with us. This allows the customers to fully trust you as a business and builds a solid brand reputation.

Our website widget will display your customer satisfaction score proudly on your homepage. Negative reviews will impact your score, however, JudgeService can help you turn them into #ravingfans.

Our ‘Reputation Manager’ is your window on the world of reviews. This easy-to-use platform means you can manage your online reviews from across the web in one place. Be notified when someone leaves a poor review so you can respond quickly and professionally and you never know, you may gain a new happy customer.

Click on ‘Reputation Manager’ below to find out more information, or to sign up email sales-enquiry@judgeservice.com


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