The facts – March 2021 plate change

Everything you need to know about the March 2021 plate change

march 2021 number plate

New car registration plate changes take place every March and September. Whilst new models are released all year round, the newest plates become available to the public twice a year.

Coming up next month is the 21 registration plates.

Although new plates are not as highly anticipated as they used to be, when there was only one plate change a year, March and September still present dealerships with peaks in new car sales as people like to trade in their older models when they can take advantage of the latest plates becoming available.

Looking to buy?

For buyers, March and September offer a great opportunity for purchasing used cars as people often choose to upgrade at these times of the year. You could grab yourself a bargain!

If you’re in the market for an upgrade, but don’t necessarily need a new 21 plate car, you could really take advantage of the plate change and snap up a pre-registered car with a 70-plate.

There are some bargains to be had on late plate new cars and used cars as dealers try to free up space in their forecourts for part exchanges as brand new plated cars are delivered. Maybe you could get yourself an almost new car for a much better deal now than if you wait until March?

What about green number plates?

Green number plates were first made available in December 2020, and they are for electric cars only. The bright colour green is so that electric cars are more easily identifiable on the roads.

The idea is that it will help local authorities to put policies in place for those who own electric cars, for example, cheaper parking and congestion zone relief.

Will you be buying a new car anytime soon?

With the pandemic forcing people to continue to work from home, many people have dramatically decreased their annual mileage. As a lot of people buy cars on finance with a PCP and mileage limits, this means they may get a better specification for the same money.

And while some others may have almost no use for their car at all and have considered whether that one car for the household is enough? But this does not mean dealerships might not see a peak in March this year?

Why? With everyone not being able to spend their money how they would normally on holidays, days out, pub trips and restaurant visits, will people be more inclined to spend their cash on a new car instead? It’s also likely that people will reject the risk of public transport when we are allowed back to work and car sales will boom.

We’ll have to wait and see!

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