Top tips for writing an online review

How to piece together a well written online review

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Online reviews have fast become a crucial part of the customers purchasing journey. We all want to know if the product or service we intend to invest in will be worth our time and more importantly, money.

According to, 91% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

This is why it is vital that when you are asked to leave a company or product review, you should try to include as much constructive feedback as possible.

A few things to remember when writing an online review are:

  • Provide helpful feedback
  • Be honest
  • Describe your experience in detail and be specific about who/what/where/when and why
  • Avoid getting too emotionally invested
  • Refrain from exposing personal data
  • Be civil and constructive
  • Proof-read, check for spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Double-check the company/product is the correct one before submitting your review

Online reviews not only help other customers make informed purchase decisions, but they also help the company/business you are reviewing.

This is why we ask you to be constructive in your criticisms. Not every company deserves a positive review, especially if the service or product as not met expectations or has been exceptionally poor.

However, if you provide as much detail as you can into your negative review, the company then has an actionable reference to be able to fix the issue.

Businesses that act upon their poor reviews are often the ones with the highest customer satisfaction scores, as they always intend to resolve the customer’s issues.

Providing honest and helpful feedback also aids other customers who may read your review and help them decide whether or not to buy from that business or not.

Online reviews are the most sure-fire way of building a foundation of trust on the internet between the seller and consumer, and writing reviews in this way will provide the most benefits for everyone.

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