Who inspires you?

A Tribute

someone lighting a candle

Like the rest of the country, we were upset to hear the news about Captain Sir Tom Moore this week.

Cruelly taken by the coronavirus, which he probably did more than most to stand up against in support of the NHS.

But on the other hand, what a way to end your innings, Ben Stokes plus some.

A truly inspiring gentleman.

What he did for the country, the NHS charities and the world, will never be underestimated. He showed leadership in a time when we were all looking for something good in the uncertain times we face.

In effect he was a true leader, I try to understand leadership to make myself better at it.

I’ve been lucky enough to work for some very good leaders. But I guess, the biggest leadership trait of all is empathy.

That’s what Captain Sir Tom Moore had in abundance. “The 99-year-old man, who walked his garden and inspired a nation.”

Thank you, Captain Sir Tom.  Rest in Peace.