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Did you know that JudgeService has a dedicated team of researchers who are expertly trained to gather insights from your customers?

Our researchers are a core part of our business, without them, we wouldn’t be able to provide you with the lost sales reviews and insights which make our products the best.

From following up on your lost leads to asking your customers about the quality of your service, our research team are what makes our business so valued by our clients.

The facts

The research centre, based at JudgeService HQ in Harrogate North Yorkshire, is the “engine room” of the business, and they account for 35% of all our customer survey activity.

There is no cold calling involved. Our researchers only call verified customers who have actually purchased or enquired. Customers will also only be contacted a maximum of 3 times after their initial purchase or enquiry.

We’re not here to harass customers who don’t want to hear from us, we just want to find out how they would rate their experience as a consumer!

Our research centre currently employs 21 people, and we hope to more than double that raise that in the next three years.

How can our research centre help your business?

As well as adding that personal touch that an email just can’t quite convey, the research centre will help you gather leads for more sales.

Data from our in-house analyst reveals that our researchers have shown that 35% of lost leads are still in the market to buy. It’s important you follow these up as lost leads become hot prospects.

Our lost leads solution ProAct is the starting point to this success and the conversions prove to be the most successful when you pair it with our customer satisfaction survey solution, ReAct.

How we’ve adapted

Craig Ware, Research Centre Manager, is incredibly proud of how his team has adapted to the changes the pandemic has forced upon the research centre.

“The research team are a lockdown success story”, said Craig. “Our volumes have increased over the lockdowns and the majority of the team have adapted to home working brilliantly”.

“We hit half a million surveys completed in October 2020, a huge milestone for us and it’s a credit to the team to achieve that”.

Now it’s up to you.

If you think using our specialised research centre to generate new car more reviews, insight, leads and ultimately more sales (in new and used car sales) is something you want for your business, contact us today for more information.

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