New Feature! – Finance Reports

You asked? We delivered.

JudgeService is delighted to announce a new feature that is available right now for all of our clients using our ReAct customer surveys.

In the JudgeService Portal, you will find two brand new insightful reports.

Finance Activity Report and Finance Competition Reports.

These reports will provide you with the data you need to ensure that your dealerships are on top of their finance penetration game and up to scratch with FCA compliance.

Finance Activity Report

Here’s an example of our new Finance Activity Report:

As you can see, the report clearly shows you which sites are performing best when it comes to offering customers finance. You can even go as far as seeing which colleagues are performing the best/worst.

The FCA regulates dealers to ensure they are properly explaining their finance options to customers when selling vehicles. Dealers who are not compliant with the FCA standards can find themselves in some deep trouble.

These reports allow dealers to show that they are acting with due diligence.

This report allows you to pinpoint the people or sites that might require some re-training when it comes to explaining finance options appropriately.

(The scores range from CD “completely dissatisfied” through to CS “completely satisfied”.)

JudgeService have set your targets at 80% for you – but these can be changed by whoever is in charge of site targets to suit your own goals! Just get in contact with your JudgeService Account Manager or to get them adjusted!

Finance Competition Report

The finance competition report shows you exactly where people are choosing to finance their vehicles. This allows you to adapt your strategy and see exactly where your finance opportunities are slipping through the gaps to.

You can see if people decided to borrow money from friends, pay in cash or thought the interest rate was too high.

We hope you find this new addition to your JudgeService reports useful and take full advantage of the insight it provides!

You can find it in your JudgeService Portal under “Reporting” and is included in your JudgeService ReAct package.

Need some help on how to use the JudgeService Portal or just fancy a refresher on how to use our reports? Then contact and she will happily fit you in for some one-to-one training.

Like what you’re seeing? Then keep an eye out for more new features coming your way this month!