Tips to convert your reviews into real sales

Everything you need to know to convert your reviews into real sales in 2021

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How do reviews convert into sales?

Having positive reviews on your website is great for your online reputation and building that foundation of trust between you and your customers, but the real question is…

“How can my reviews convert into actual sales?”

In a world that is becoming increasingly more digitalized by the day, fewer potential customers are hearing about your business through traditional word of mouth.

The internet is the hub for activity on what is the next best thing, and this buzz of excitement can be created through your reviews.

You’ll often hear on social media of products of services that have “amazing reviews” and it’s that online chatter that will drive new people to your website.

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I have great reviews; how do I convert?

The next step is arguably the most important, getting your reviews to convert into sales.

The key is to market your reviews, get them out there for people to see!

A few simple ideas and tricks for this include:

  • Displaying your reviews on social media
  • Having your star rating under your Google search ranking
  • Getting more Google my business reviews
  • Showing off your reviews in key conversion areas of your website e.g., the checkout page
  • Incentivise people to leave reviews with a discount code or chance to win a voucher

JudgeService’s customer insight and review tools can provide you with these conversion boosters and more.

We help hundreds of businesses sell more stock every day by enhancing the way they deal with customer reviews.

Reviews are a great way of adding more potential people to the customer journey, as if someone is already reading your reviews, that means they are already thinking about making that purchase. You just need to give them a little push.

Don’t let your website get lost online, enhance the way you use online reviews by contacting us today!



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