Does a pushy salesperson make more sales?

5 customer reviews that prove “pushiness” is an outdated way to sell

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“Sell, sell, sell” is the stereotypical persona of a car salesperson. The wheeler-dealer who will do anything to shift cars off the forecourt.

But what if we told you that this is the way of the past?

We have over 1 million automotive customer reviews published on and testimonials from car-buyers across the UK are indicating that a pushy salesperson is a straightforward way to put off a potential customer.

So, what are they saying?

Mr Boyd who bought a used car from Acorn Burntwood, Kia, left a recommendation on the basis that “there wasn’t a ‘hard sell’ that I got at other dealerships. Alex Cooper and the team genuinely helped me out”.

A customer from Fords of Windsor said that they would recommend them because the team were “easy to talk to and not pushy, and the vehicle was just what I wanted”.

fords of windsor review
A review from a customer at Fords of Windsor

Andrew who bought a car from Johnsons Volvo Gloucester said he was happy because “at no time did he feel under pressure” and that the “whole experience was an absolute pleasure”.

Reviews like this are music to our ears here at JudgeService as the whole reason we were founded was to ensure that buying a car was an exciting and enjoyable experience!

Miss Parkinson recently sang her praises for Mark at Just Citroen, Preston: “Mark really took the time to explain things to me and answer my question, he wasn’t pushy, he made me feel at ease”.

Customers want to feel like they are in safe hands, so a knowledgeable Sales Executive who can answer any queries or qualms a customer might have will always be on the right path towards a positive review for the dealership.

When buying a new car from Mackie Motors, Arbroath, Colin was mentioned that the salesperson was “not pushy”, but also took note that the dealerships adhered to social distancing requirements and that he “would definitely buy again”.

What does this mean?

These 5 reviews are just a fraction of the number of testimonials that mention a “non-pushy” approach was part of the reason they would recommend the dealership they bought from.

Trait’s customers look for range from “excellent product knowledge”, “helpful and polite”, “speed of service”, “excellent communication” to “they speak to you like a friend” and “local and family-run”.

For example, a review from Miss Kenyon who bought a car from Hendy Honda, Portsmouth said she thought they were great because “buying a car in a pandemic is challenging but Andrew made sure I had all the information I needed and was very helpful and quick to respond to any questions I had”.

JudgeService can help dealerships discover what their customers love about their service, and what could be improved. We can provide you with the knowledge and insight you need to give your Sales Executives the skills required to provide a 5-star service every time.

Get more online reviews and helpful reports to boost your online reputation and improve your customer satisfaction scores!

Say goodbye to the “pushy salesperson” and hello to raving fans of your dealership!

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  1. Customer satisfaction can range from the speed of service to in-depth knowledge from the salesperson. Your sales team need a spectrum of skills!


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