How to recover your business in 2021

 Jump-start your dealership out of covid



Now that showrooms have re-open for dealerships in England and Wales, it’s time for you to make 2021 your best year for car sales ever.

How can you recover?

With car-buyers excited to be able to enter showrooms again, you can make the most out of your sales team by delivering the best customer service possible.

No more broken phone lines and dodgy internet connections! Even though your team will be wearing PPE, customers can still see those smiles!

A friendly face will be a treat after months of screen time, so do everything possible to make sure your customers are comfortable, safe, informed, and happy.

With our customer satisfaction surveys, you can find out exactly which part of the customer journey your sales team are great at, and which areas might be a bit rusty.

Our reports will show in easy-to-read traffic light style what requires improvement.

JudgeService Traffic Light Report

JudgeService tip!

One key area that is often neglected by dealerships is contacting the buyers after the delivery of their vehicle.

We have found that contact after delivery increases the number of promoters by 25%. So always contact your customers after delivery in order to fix concerns and guarantee glowing reviews!

How can I maximise my car sales in 2021?

Make a fan, not a sale. By ensuring you have the expert knowledge of why customers love your dealership you can magnify your efforts to make sure you’re consistently delivering what your customers love about you.

Customer lifetime value has never been more important, loyalty is what businesses rely on time and time again.

Knowledge is power. If you know what areas your dealership can improve, you can focus your time, budget and effort on making sure that area is up to the same standards as the rest.

Our surveys and reporting suites that are part of our ReAct tool will equip you with the solutions you need to gather glowing reviews, raving fans and the insight you need and won’t find anywhere else to maximise your car sales in 2021.

Don’t let 2020 be your legacy, contact JudgeService, the UK’s leading automotive customer satisfaction experts, to jump-start your dealership out of Covid today!

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  1. The traffic light report is the perfect tool to see exactly where your dealership needs to improve and where targets are being met!


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