Keep It Real: Fake Reviews in 2019

Brogan Huntington

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have seen that “online retail giant Amazon” has been criticised for displaying FAKE REVIEWS.

Fake Reviews in 2019

A recent article by Which? states that, “Of 12,000 reviews…  the majority (87%) were from unverified purchases.”*

And this is not the first time Amazon sellers have been accused of this.  Last year, an investigation took place that showed Amazon sellers refunding people after leaving a 5* review. Interesting the lengths people will go to for a review!

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Boosting Business Via Partnerships

Brogan Huntington

Over the past year, JudgeService has grown by simply forming key relationships with businesses that share the same target audience as we do.

A few months ago, JudgeService had a breakthrough, a breakthrough that came in the form of Sally, our new sales trainer.

Creative team meeting hands together in line. Young business people are holding hands. Unity and teamwork concept.

She stood at the front of the room and asked us “how many of you ask for referrals?”  Her face did not look surprised at all when we started to stare guiltily at the floor –because this is a look she has seen a 100 times before.

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What is social proofing?

We all strive to make less mistakes, and one of the ways we can improve on many of life’s smaller and larger decisions is by social proofing. Social proofing occurs when we rely on a friend or relative to recommend a product or service and it is becoming increasingly prevalent …

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Why Listening To Your Customers Goes Beyond Hearing What They Have To Say

Earlier this year American computer giant Apple topped the American Customer Service Index for the eighth year running achieving a total score that was nearly ten points higher than its closest competitor. There is no doubting Apple’s brilliance when it comes to technological innovations and the pioneering work of the …

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Managing Your Online Reputation

Managing Your Online Reputation

The rapid growth of review sites and social media in recent years has had a major effect on the reputations of many businesses. These sites give your business more exposure than ever before, they allow new customers find you and old ones to criticise you.

The very thought of businesses appearing on review sites with people free to write what they like about them may be a terrifying prospect for most business owners. There is, however, a flip side. Consider how much new business could be sent your way from customer referrals and by developing a positive social media presence.

Many people think that by having a Facebook page or Twitter profile, they’re ‘doing social media’. They’re very much mistaken. Simply posting updates on Facebook, and Tweeting from time to time won’t cut it. You need to monitor the online conversation and actively engage with your customers.

Perform a vanity search now for your business and ask yourself: What’s the first impression of your business? If you were a prospective customer, would any of the reviews influence your purchasing decision? Try and see your business through the eyes of your customers.

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Knowing What to Look For When Buying a Used Car

Considering how the economy has taken a turn for the worse in recent years, it’s not at all surprising that more and more people are looking into the possibility of selling their existing car and buying a used car.

This decision, which many have taken in light of the recent recession, has proven to be wise one. Unfortunately, it’s not just a case of heading to your closest used car dealer and buying the first car you see. There are a number of factors to consider first.

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Car Dealer Reviews

Spotting a Fake Review

We all know the impact positive reviews can have on a business’s reputation and sales. Reviews have become so important to business success in recent years that some companies actively employ individuals to produce fake reviews. A quick search of the internet reveals a number of people willing to offer …

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