Who inspires you?

A Tribute Like the rest of the country, we were upset to hear the news about Captain Sir Tom Moore this week. Cruelly taken by the coronavirus, which he probably did more than most to stand up against in support of the NHS. But on the other hand, what a …

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Last time, we talked about what it really means to “breathe” during a sales call. Today we discuss how important it is to connect with the gatekeeper and how to do it. We’re not talking about a telephone connection – although that helps. We’re talking about bonding and building trust with the gatekeeper. But they aren’t the decision maker so why should that matter?

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We’ve all taken those unsolicited sales calls that tempted us to slam the phone straight through the receiver. However, the value of the product being sold often isn’t the issue; it’s the way the spiel is conducted. Sales calls success isn’t luck, so what can you do differently to increase your success rate?

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