Business Reputation: Insights to How Reviews Convert

Business Reputation is built by either advocates or critics of a brand, product or service. How prospects hear about what fans or detractors say about companies is through word-of-mouth or a few simple searches online. 97% of consumers say they look at online reviews before purchasing* and they read 10 pieces of content and reviews before making their decision.

Social Media and Snap ‘n’ Share

The digital age has changed the way consumers and providers can share what used to be known as word-of-mouth information. More and more people are becoming social about seeking reviews. Social Media Examiner researchers found that visuals increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80%. With this …

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Top 12 Tips for Best Practise Car Dealer Reviews

JudgeService is the UK’s most effective automotive online review provider and understands how powerful reviews are in influencing buyer behaviour and aiding a conversion. This industry knowledge and expertise means we are perfectly placed to share our top 12 tips for best practise car dealer reviews.