Must have car gadgets

Trending gadgets you need for your car For many people, their car is an extension of their home. It’s a place of solitude, calm, just you and the open road ahead. For others, it’s the only place they can escape to in order to have 5 minutes of peace and …

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Coffee Beans and Car Mats: The 5* Review Tipping Point

While a coffee bean may not be an effective substitute for a headlight, JudgeService research has found that, along with car mats, they serve a much more important role in a dealership than you may think. So much time is invested into the obvious areas of customer service that the finer details are often neglected. But this could be the difference between a glowing dealership review and a mediocre or negative review, and the glowing reviews are what get your next customers through the door. Not only that, but the reasons customers leave positive feedback are what gain their loyalty.

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