Must have car gadgets

Trending gadgets you need for your car For many people, their car is an extension of their home. It’s a place of solitude, calm, just you and the open road ahead. For others, it’s the only place they can escape to in order to have 5 minutes of peace and …

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Remain open, even when closed

As car shoppers do more online research and engage with other customers before making a decision to head into a dealership, online reviews can be gold. Many dealerships use digital channels such as email marketing, digital advertising and social marketing, but when it comes to the final decision of which dealership to actually visit, positive online reviews can be the deciding factor in tipping the balance.

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How dealers can improve costs, profits and efficiencies using online reviews

There are some purchases that don’t require much thought: ordinary, everyday things such as chocolate bars, magazines or shampoo. Most people simply pop them in a basket and pay for them, without pondering for too long over the decisions they have made.

Other items demand much more care and attention. Cars for example, for many people, will be the second costliest thing they spend their money on after a house.

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Spring clean your brand image

The information that you put about your business online now forms one of the largest parts of your company’s brand image. It’s vital, now more than ever, that an organisation actively manages its online reputation. Negative reviews are a perfect example of this. Some people tend to bury their head …

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Crack your online conversions

All clients of JudgeService have the option to display our widget on their website. This shows clearly what percentage of their customers are likely to recommend them to friends and family. Consumers can then click to see verbatim reviews from customers. Why does this matter? Because there is a direct …

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