It can be one of the most infuriating aspects of business – why a visitor to your site was not converted to a sale.

It can be one of the most infuriating aspects of business – why a visitor to your site was not converted to a sale.

Modern car buyers do so much of their research online that dealers are left with fewer opportunities to build rapport, answer questions and cement buying decisions; so a walk-in visitor should be the hottest lead you can have. But it’s generally not that easy.

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Find out why AutoTrader, and Trusted Dealers use JudgeService



Here’s why the big names in the industry are using JudgeService reviews:

The average consumer spends nearly 11 hours researching online when buying a car

Digital has become a HUGE part of car buying, with dealers creating a ‘digital forecourt’ that encourages people to step onto their physical forecourt.

JudgeService research shows that 41% of enquiries to a dealership came from websites or social media.

This is great news for our industry, because now 51% buy on their first visit to the dealership. Online reviews have made the conversion easier.

30% buy a car based on dealer reviews

One of the most important parts of the car buying process is what other consumers are saying. We all look at online reviews before making a purchase, especially a big purchase, and as consumers we don’t trust companies that don’t have any reviews.

88% of people trust online recommendations over family and friends… yes family and friends!

With these facts combined it becomes really clear as to why it’s essential you are collating and displaying reviews to your online audiences. 2.1 million cars were sold in 2015 due to dealer reviews.

Consumers spend 10% more time on dealer pages that have reviews

We know that the online platform is becoming more and more competitive, with our competitors being just one click away at all times.

We need to keep our consumers on our website so we have longer to reassure them of our brand. Showing online reviews will achieve that.

JudgeService go the extra mile to help you create raving fans

No one does independent reviews like JudgeService. In addition to overall recommendations

JudgeService will assess the whole customer journey, allowing you to make improvements to your sales process that can improve conversion.

It’s more than just reviews, it’s a management reporting tool for internal meetings and performance management.

Contact us today to find out how our reporting can boost your business and provide you with online reviews.



Top Tips for March 2016



For every enquiry whether online, telephone or in person.  Confirm spellings in email addresses, digits in telephone numbers and full name details.

Lost prospect details are as important as sales customers because this basic information allows you to understand your customers’ experience from initial enquiry, to follow up and to then measure your customers satisfaction.



Independent reviews provide you with unbiased feedback about your customers’ experience.  Use the information available in the management reporting suite to really see what your customers think. You then have the opportunity to act on the results to resolve general issues through training programmes, pinpoint and rectify a specific problem or find new sales opportunities.

You can post responses on ‘right to reply’ and share your reviews and satisfaction score online with our ReAct sales customer product to build trust, engagement and raving fans.



The dashboard offers you the opportunity to drill down to see:

  • Sales execs scores
  • Survey answers
  • Attraction factors
  • Top performing sites

Report builder helps you find out:

  • Who was dissatisfied with mechanical prep
  • Not contacted since delivery
  • Customers 18 months ago who were completely satisfied and drive past every day for prospecting


Top tips for JudgeService users January 2016


  1. JudgeService offer our customers a facility to check out their survey scores and see the results as a summary in the Management Reporting Section.  We encourage our customers to regularly review their results and we have just updated the profile page with even more facilities – check out the customer section to quickly and easily see a snapshot of your survey results, scores and CSI.
  2. We need your customer data to enable us to quickly survey their experience and feedback the results to you asap for review and action.  Send your data to and we will do the rest! Updating your management information, passing your sales department hot leads,(ProAct lost sales survey) and sharing your results online, (ReAct used car sales survey).
  3. ReAct used car sales survey customers can activate our Facebook app to add their testimonial content directly to their Facebook page with an automated API link.  Contact to set up the Facebook App to promote your testimonials to your wider audience.  People buy from people – if they love it they want to share it.


For more details on any of our products contact sales on 01423 225166 or email

Alternatively log on to






Find out more about the changes to the JudgeService reporting suite and the new profile page:

We’ve added a new feature called Profile page to our reporting suite to ensure you can easily access key information to support your sales and csi process from your home page.

Our new profile section allows you to see at every level how you are performing as a group, by site, by salesperson and by customer review. 

Select your primary site to compare your group’s performance with the JudgeService average.

You can rank your sales team by performance to find out who is in your sales top 10 so that you can recognise and reward excellence or tackle training issues positively. 

You can easily review each salesperson’s individual performance, find out how they compare and read comments received from their customers to uncover sales opportunities.

JudgeService customers can check out the ‘help screen’ when they login to find out how to get the most from the new profile page changes.



Find out more about our new showroom survey.

We can provide you with instant results to ensure you never miss a sales opportunity:

Visitors are given the opportunity to complete a few questions on tablet or PC about that visit:  

  • Who was the salesperson with you today?
  • How satisfied with the salesperson’s handling of your enquiry today?
  • Anything the dealership could do to improve your overall experience?
  • Would you recommend x dealership to family and friends?


The dealership receives immediate feedback on what they thought so that you can act upon the information internally.

You can handle any negatives there and then or thank them for their positive comments.



Find out where your customers bought from with our competitor report in the ProAct survey.

  • Where did they buy from instead?
  • What make?
  • What model?

We collate this information alongside the details of customers who are still in the market.

We pass these fully qualified leads on to your sales team as HOT LEADS for them to follow up and convert.

Contact JudgeService on or call 01423 225166 to find out how we help.

JudgeService – your route to raving fans!


Top tips for September 2015


Tip 1

Talk to us about how AWACS can boost sales and CSI:

Our new survey AWACS (advanced warning about car selection) can help you keep in touch with your customers, designed to provide a touch-point mid-way through the buying cycle, to give a holistic view of the whole buying experience.   The survey results provide an independent evaluation including whether they are likely to buy the brand, product and from you again.

Tip 2

Send us your data as quickly and frequently as possible to get feedback from your customers and act upon it and share it:

Collecting contact data from your prospects and customers is key to our success.  The sooner we receive the data, the sooner we can contact them to gather their feedback and send this information back to you for review, and where necessary, further action.

Tip 3

Talk to your team about areas to improve on then get in touch with customers to turn around any negatives:

Use the Dashboard information to review sales team performance and csi