Why Listening To Your Customers Goes Beyond Hearing What They Have To Say

Earlier this year American computer giant Apple topped the American Customer Service Index for the eighth year running achieving a total score that was nearly ten points higher than its closest competitor.

There is no doubting Apple’s brilliance when it comes to technological innovations and the pioneering work of the late Steve Jobs. Apple can rightly be seen as one of the most influential companies in the world, a company capable of created unparalleled interest in everything they do as each new product is met with more hysteria than the last.

What is it then that Apple are doing to achieve such consistently high levels of customer satisfaction when their own customers’ expectations are already sky-high?

Apple embodies the ethos that the user is at the very centre of the design process. All of their products are geared entirely towards the user. Think of the last time you saw an Apple advert, it’s completely user centred almost to the extent that nothing else matters other than the users experience.

Their customer service is no difference. They put their customers at the heart of their service as they aim to build long term relationships that will generate huge profits for the business.

Granted, you might not be too surprised to see Apple sitting at the top of this list as you’d expect them to deliver a first class service but that’s not what this is about. It’s not about which companies deliver near perfect customer service but what they’re doing to get there.

By genuinely caring for your customers and by making them the most important part of what you do you’ll see the positive impact that this can have on your business.