Automotive online trends 2014

What is new in 2014 for the UK car industry? Globally, we know that there is constant changes in sales trends and innovation – techy motoring for instance is an exploding area. As the grass shoots of recovery are being tentatively published in our media, this time of year proves to be a great barometer for looming failure or success in used car sales and new car registrations.

Used cars

Whilst the used car figures are not yet publicised, major car retailers such as Perrys and Lookers experienced high levels of demand. 2013 saw a modest uplift in used car sales with 6,806,187 sales in comparison to 6,743,080 used cars sold in 2012 (0.94% increase).

From a generic demand perspective on Google UK search volumes, used cars looks consistent without any recent peaks in user queries.

New cars

It is predicted that the new car market in the UK will blossom in 2014. There have been positive manufacturing messages from Bentley and Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) – more sales of such successful marques means more jobs. In October 2013, car production rose by 17% – the highest levels seen since 1995, pointing towards growing consumer confidence and the low cost of money fuelling attractive car finance deals. No huge spikes in Google UK (generic) search volume but signs that things are definitely picking up in new cars.Truck & Van Truck and Van data shows a definite increase in demand levels. SMMT reported registrations increases in both light commercial and heavy commercial vehicles last month.

In terms of search engine activity, the large rise seen on these ‘vans for sale’ and ‘trucks’ for sale’ graphs is partly down to how low things went during the double dip recession.

 This article was provided by Duncan Colman, digital advisor for