The power of negating a negative

Catchy title, eh! But negating a negative is a genuine thing and two negatives makes a positive! Here at JudgeService, if you choose to publish your testimonials, we publish all of them (unlike some other review providers that cherry pick and only show the good ones to fudge the results…..*rant over*).

But did you know that these negative reviews help aid conversions too? Well, if they are handled correctly! 30% of consumers assume online reviews are fake if there are no negative reviews!

60% of consumers questioned the quality of a business when they saw negative reviews. By replying to negative comments to address the issue and take the conversation offline, you can manage your reputation.

We have a Right to Reply function, where you can respond to anything negative that someone has said. In addition to this, our system also sends an alert to yourself, or a nominated member of your team, immediately notifying you so you can address it in a timely manner.