Do you ever ask yourself, “Why didn’t that customer buy?”

It can be one of the most infuriating aspects of business – why a visitor to your site was not converted to a sale. As we have established, much of the research about a car or dealer is done online, so a walk-in visitor should be the hottest lead you can have. It’s obviously not that easy.

Perhaps a customer was disappointed by what they were offered in any part exchange deal, or perhaps a particular turn of phrase used by the salesperson was taken the wrong way. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you had these answers at your finger-tips?

Well, now you can.

Download the FREE Industry Paper: So, why didn’t the Customer buy?

Now you can improve your understanding of the customer experience and why they did not buy.

We have developed a specific survey tool to measure prospective customer’s experience following an enquiry or visit to your site. We find out why people aren’t buying.

Our surveys are designed to gather the most useful information for you, based on our knowledge and expertise in the motor industry. This is done via a short questionnaire assigned to prospective customers following an initial enquiry into buying a new or used car. This enquiry could be either a physical visit, an online enquiry or a telephone call.

ProAct helps you gather data on the effectiveness of your marketing, sales process, and team. It can highlight strengths and weaknesses for dealers and sales people alike. It also relays competitor USP’s, car pricing issues, but most importantly it provides a reason to re-contact and convert.

ProAct can add value to your business in the following areas:

  • Performance management of your sales team.
  • Potential to refine your sales process.
  • Opportunity to re-contact the prospect to change opinion and convert.
  • Measurement of marketing effectiveness and budgeting.
  • Any other barriers to sale.
  • Find out where they bought from.
  • Find out why they didn’t buy and then channel qualified hot leads back to your sales team.

To find out more about ProAct, and JudgeService’s range of solutions, visit our dedicated website. You can also download the ProAct Product flyer.