In any business, it’s crucial to know what your customers are thinking

Even in this day and age, there are still companies who don’t collect feedback. Here, we look into why this can have an adverse effect on your business.

All businesses, no matter the size, should be collecting feedback as standard.

Feedback’s always been important

Feedback hasn’t just suddenly become relevant. It has always been vital to listen to customers.

Digital Analyst Brain Solis talks about “The Kodak Moment” as that moment when you realise that customer behaviour and preferences changed so dramatically from your assumptions that it’s too late to change. This is based on when Kodak sales were booming – their digital cameras were fundamentally changing the way people thought about photography – but instead of adapting their offer, Kodak tried to protect its film and film processing business — essentially, putting its fingers in its ears and saying “La la la”. The company filed for bankruptcy protection in 2012.

It’s not only about keeping pace with technology but understanding how mindsets and attitudes change too. Examples are everywhere of companies, Nokia, Blackberry and Blockbuster for example, ignoring the changing needs of their customers and failing as a result.

Feedback shows you care

There are many examples of how feedback can show you care. For example, Skype’s “How was your call?” short survey not only helps eliminate bugs, it also shows customers that the company’s listening.

JudgeService is a prime example of a company that helps organisations, of all sizes, listen to their customers, with solutions that provide valuable insight from customer feedback, enabling you to understand consumers and provide actionable business insights. The tools identify areas for improvement across your whole business, focusing on relevant training, sales process improvement and business process improvement.

Businesses should also have the opportunity to respond online through a ‘right to reply’ facility which should also show responses to the online review. This provides a company with the opportunity to resolve the complaint in an open forum and for potential consumers to see how they handle issues generally.

It’s good for publicity

The most famous example of this in the UK, is when a Virgin Trains user tweeted that he had been caught short with no toilet roll on the 19.30 from Euston to Glasgow. The company tweeted him back and sent a member of staff to hand him a replacement roll.

The story was picked up by all the major news outlets and gave Virgin Trains some invaluable free publicity.

Feedback really can be gold!

Feedback and reviews drive sales

JudgeService has found that independent feedback and reviews, and score rankings, on a website can increase enquiry levels by nearly 7%! Review content can also be used to enhance Google ranking and SEO for website optimisation. On top of this, stars under your own URL can increase Click Through Rates by 17.5%.

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