“Don’t believe everything people say about car salesmen!”

JudgeService is continually analysing data to discover the key drivers of customer care, retention and what turns car buyers into what we call raving fans, those people who are extremely likely to recommend a business.

The result of surveying customers for over six years has seen us being able to analyse hundreds of thousands of rows of data and verified answers and, with the help of data analysts and ‘the Voice of the Customer’ we have been able to bring this data to life.

The analysis shows that a high level of satisfaction with the salesperson is the most powerful metric for driving overall satisfaction.  Satisfaction with a salesperson is in turn driven by quality of information, speed of questions handled and promptness of response.

We have encountered numerous comments relating to Salespeople:

“Sales advisors should be able to make financial decisions rather than leaving the customer sat for an hour just for 1 price of a car. Should be black and white and simple, here’s what you can afford here’s what we can add or change and this is how much it will cost. It’s been made over complicated and very confusing for customers”

“I’d recommend Snows Toyota Southampton to anyone because they know their products, are very professional and explained everything to me in simple terms as I have not bought a car before. I didn’t feel under any pressure at any time and enjoyed the friendly and warm approach from Darren who was very patient with all my questions. A lovely experience…don’t believe all people say about car salesmen!!!

The key outcome of our research is focus on your Sales Team. Cherish them, coach them and use data to identify any training needs. Ensure that all your staff have the product knowledge they need to fulfil their roles and, if possible, make technology available to make life easier for each of your sales staff. They are the most important people when driving customer satisfaction.

We can supply this data to you, and identify specific areas of improvement for your business. Contact us to discover more.