“The ones that got away…”

It can be one of the most infuriating aspects of business – why a visitor to your site was not converted to a sale. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you had the answers at your finger-tips?

We continually analysing data to discover the key drivers of customer care, retention and what turns car buyers into what we call raving fans, those people who are extremely likely to recommend a business.

The following is based on thousands of calls made by our researchers to lost sales customers:

Over 46% of ‘lost leads’ are still looking to purchase! That’s 46% of respondents who are still in the market to buy a car!

So what tools can you utilise to reduce the number of ‘lost customers’? Training for your staff and empowering them to carry out their jobs properly are vital elements in preventing customers going elsewhere, and our research highlights another vital point.

Bums on seats sells cars

We have had numerous examples, negative and positive, of where being offered a test drive has had an impact on the purchasing decisions:

“I enquired about an automatic and arranged a test drive and you confirmed that it would be an automatic. When I arrived you said that you didn’t have an automatic which I thought was a complete waste of my time.”

“I was happy with the service at Baylis Vauxhall Evesham because Gary was very knowledgeable about the car, attentive and took the trouble to meet during my lunch break for a test drive.”

It may seem like quite an obvious consideration, but how much more likely is a customer who has been offered a test drive to buy a car?

From our research, customers who were offered a test drive were 5 times more likely to go on and purchase a vehicle.

Examining the research further, 1 in 3 lost sales were NOT offered a test drive.

We can supply this data to you, and identify specific areas of improvement for your business. Contact us to discover more.