Last time, we talked about what it really means to “breathe” during a sales call. Today we discuss how important it is to connect with the gatekeeper and how to do it. We’re not talking about a telephone connection – although that helps. We’re talking about bonding and building trust with the gatekeeper. But they aren’t the decision maker so why should that matter?



They are the most important person in the conversation. If they switch off, your opportunity and your prospect are lost. Pique their interest and you could gain something, even if they don’t pass you to the prospect. Connect with the gatekeeper to gain their trust that calling back when the prospect becomes available will be beneficial. Get information such as the best time to call, or better yet, have your information passed on to the prospect.


Be Honest


Get straight to the point. Tell them what you really want but demonstrate the true value it holds to the prospect. Make it clear that they’re not just another person on your list of people to call. The chances are that they receive unsolicited sales calls all day and they’ve got a prepared response to sales pitch. The only way to avoid hearing their generic response is to avoid using your over-rehearsed spiel. Don’t go “salesy” on them because they’re not the one you’re selling to, they don’t want to hear every detail of your company and products. Just tell them why you’re calling and they will probably respect that. And if they don’t?


Respect that redirecting sales calls is part of their job. If they do come across dismissive or irritated, keep this in mind and respond in a way that demonstrates that there is value in working with you. Being defensive certainly won’t engage them. Engineer a conversation that demonstrates that you are pleasant to deal with, as well as offering services that would benefit their company. Most of all, add genuine value to their day.


To connect with the gatekeeper is to make friends with them. Find out their name and refer to them by it. Ask how their weekend was: small talk may seem typical, but this is your opportunity to relate on a personal level. You can even make a personal connection over business related conversation. The gatekeeper is probably an expert in their industry so prepare and research before making your call. They will respect your knowledge and if there is anything you don’t understand, don’t be afraid to ask them. This only adds to the natural flow of the conversation. Emotion is the way to make a lasting impression.

Check back next week to get more JudgeService sales tips for 2018.