Boosting Business Via Partnerships

Brogan Huntington

Over the past year, JudgeService has grown by simply forming key relationships with businesses that share the same target audience as we do.

A few months ago, JudgeService had a breakthrough, a breakthrough that came in the form of Sally, our new sales trainer.

Creative team meeting hands together in line. Young business people are holding hands. Unity and teamwork concept.

She stood at the front of the room and asked us “how many of you ask for referrals?”  Her face did not look surprised at all when we started to stare guiltily at the floor –because this is a look she has seen a 100 times before.

Her next sentence became a game changer. “Did you know 75% of new business comes from referral? And only 5% comes from cold calling,” she said. At this point all of our ears pricked, and we began to listen and learn.

Coming from a company that provides reviews to thousands of dealers across the UK, and yet, the sales team don’t consistently ask for our own referrals. Scary.  

So, as you can probably guess, we started asking for referrals via partnership with our third-party companies.

We asked on the phone, we asked via email and we asked via social media and we asked some more. And guess what? It began to work.

What came next really will blow your mind. A few weeks passed, we started to notice an increase in enquiries as well as the strength of the partnerships we had. Because we were now working together as a team. JudgeService were referring other companies to our client’s and vice versa. Which not only made us look good but, we also added value to our services by providing other specialist services.

Because we were referring them to our clients, we undoubtably gained access to their client list. Fabulous news! Not only can we offer out other specialist service, but we also have access to their pool of clients. #Winning.

Brogan Huntington