Keep It Real: Fake Reviews in 2019

Brogan Huntington

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have seen that “online retail giant Amazon” has been criticised for displaying FAKE REVIEWS.

Fake Reviews in 2019

A recent article by Which? states that, “Of 12,000 reviews…  the majority (87%) were from unverified purchases.”*

And this is not the first time Amazon sellers have been accused of this.  Last year, an investigation took place that showed Amazon sellers refunding people after leaving a 5* review. Interesting the lengths people will go to for a review!

Obviously, they have been caught out.  The truth always comes out in the end, right?  Which is why authentic reviews have never been so important.
We have all heard the phrase “people buy from people.” The internet has given us access to stores across the world without ever having to communicate with a human being.
This means we have had to find a way to get human engagement that builds trust.  We have done this in the form of verified reviews.

Independent reviews are a vital business tool if they are used correctly, because we rely on reviews to help us make our purchases. “Reviews are potentially influencing £23bn of consumer spending every year in the UK alone,”** according to the government’s Competition and Marketing Authority.

This is why we have the problem of fake reviews, businesses rushing to show fake feedback in order for them to make a quick buck.  But really, they are gaining nothing but disloyal customers, no referrals and bad press as we have witnesses over the past week.

Authentic reviews are important to customers of course, but what can genuine reviews do for a growing business?

Back in 2011 JudgeService was born with the DNA of authentic reviews and granular customer insight.

Managing Director Neil Addley had a mission, “to change the world of business one customer at a time” 7 years later that is exactly what he is doing.
With a team behind him, he is helping business improve their customer satisfaction by sending the authentic feedback into more than 1000 businesses across the UK.

Improving their customer journey and really understanding the wants and needs of the consumer. This strategy has proven to increase revenue and improve online reputation by more than 20%.  

But how can you ensure your reviews are authentic?  

  • Use an independent closed platform. Meaning that only customers that have purchased from the business can leave a review.
  • Have House rules. “No review is a bad review if it is handled correctly”
  • Everyone has a say.
  • Put the customer at the heart of what you do. Without them you wouldn’t have a business at all.
  • Reviews are vetted by a human being, to ensure that the reviews displayed are not indiscreet or vulgar.

Authentic reviews provide us with certainty and a sense of security without already having an experience with the company or product.

When used correctly authentic reviews can enhance revenue and ensure business growth by listening to the voice of the customer. After all, the customer is at the heart off all businesses. Just be sure to choose authenticity every time as this will ensure you build a community of raving fans.