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We know that Satisfaction drives speed of sales

There is a direct correlation between the number of days it takes to sell a car and the level of customer satisfaction.  A dealer with a promoter score of 30% will see cars stay in stock for just over 46 Days, whereas a score of 70% will be 34 days.  90% promoter score brings it down even further to 28 days.

In effect this creates additional sales “days” as a “free hit” – more sales requiring no further capital.

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Contributors to Satisfaction – Micro-moments of Truth

So, it makes sense that better customer satisfaction as judged by either promoter score or the percentage that would recommend drives sales.  Happier customers are more likely to buy more quickly.  But what are the key areas that influence these scores?

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First comes the salespersons attitude, followed by attitude at handover and then explanation of paperwork.

Micromoment                                  Promoter score after 5% improvement                   Days quicker to sell

Salespersons attitude                    18%                                                                                  5.3 days
Attitude at handover                      16.4%                                                                               4.8 days
Explanation of paperwork             15.8%                                                                               4.7 days
Mechanical standard of vehicle  13.3%                                                                               3.9 dayss
Cleanliness of vehicle                     13.1%                                                                               3.9 days
Choice of vehicles                           12.7%                                                                               3.7 days


The single biggest contributor to customer satisfaction is the salespersons attitude, with a 5% increase in promoter score moving metal 5 days quicker.  You can measure this for lost sales or for buyers as the salespersons attitude at handover is the second most significant contributor.

Whilst you can’t teach people to smile you can teach positivity and you can use our surveys and  certainly train how to explain paperwork, financial documentation and why they’re important and being done.

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