Shining the light on CRM integration.

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We all know that the world of businesses is happening around us, and we know we can’t ignore that. However, just like every aspect of life, sometimes we all need a reminder.

In business we all face challenges and with each one, we are presented with a whole new toolbox of opportunities.

System integration could be the biggest tool you have, even if you don’t know it yet. As the old saying goes “Jack of all trades, master of none.” We know that we all could start offering extra services in different areas, because we have come to know an awful lot about different businesses, but the best forward-thinking companies choose not to pursue them. Why?

The simple answer is that they are specialists in their field, and when a customer requests a different service to what they specialise in, they go out hunting for a company that they can integrate with who are specialists in that area.

Just like building a house you wouldn’t get a bricklayer to do the electrics, you would contract an electrician to do that. Similar to building a business you can go out and find other companies to do the things you may not be as good at or have time to do.

This enables you to provide an outstanding service to your customers. Through integration, companies work together, helping each other grow. Improving your services at a favourable rate while they gain customers through integration, and you add value to your existing customers.

At JudgeService we shine the light on integration starting with our CRM partners, companies such as Navigator, AutoSLM, PBS, EnquiryMAX and more.

These companies enable us to close the loop on our data.
We can access and process data more efficiently, reducing the pressure on time for our support teams. So, they can concentrate on their core function, customer support.
Integration allows us to send valuable data back to the CRM platforms in real time,which creates tremendous value to our clients, their customers and the CRM companies.

We don’t need to make people duplicate work anymore, there is no need for 16 different systems to access one customers detail. We are past all this.
Our time is valuable and so is our customers, so stop wasting time on things that can be automated and work together to grow and provide value to your customers.

I am going to wrap this up by summarising the benefits of integrating with third-party companies just in case you are still not convinced it is a brilliant process.

  • Time
  • Value
  • Insight
  • Stickiness
  • Efficiency
  • Outstanding customer service

If you would like some tips on how to integrate with third parties, please feel free to ask me how we do it at JudgeService.

Thank you