How to boost your presence online

Our top tips for building your online image and why publishing reviews is crucial

Digital marketing is always changing.

Making your clients and customers aware that you are with the times and making the most of the tools the internet has to offer, is the perfect way to boost your social presence.

Organic impressions and a high reach can be hard to build up, but stick with it because the more active you continue to be online, the more engagement and brand awareness you will achieve over time.

Tip 1 – Don’t hold back

Something important to remember when it comes to online marketing is that changing things up every now and again can be really beneficial for your potential readership. You don’t want the people looking at your content to get bored because it always looks the same. Give your audience something to look forward to when they log online.

On the flip side, you must remember who your audience is. If your audience is more formal, keep your content professional and in line with their expectations.

Tip 2 – SEO

SEO stands for “search engine optimisation” and it basically refers to how high your business or social accounts are ranked in search engines and most importantly, Google. Making sure you use SEO techniques across as much of your content as possible will help boost your online image. It means you won’t be hidden in the depths of the internet where no one can find you.

The easiest way to implement SEO into your content is to:

  • use keywords frequently
  • make the most of images
  • add “alt text” to all images
  • use internal and external links
  • integrate multimedia functions
  • constantly update content – for example, our API allows you to automatically pull through reviews in real-time
Don’t neglect your social media marketing.

Tip 3 – Link up!

Making the most of LinkedIn is crucial.

You may have set up your traditional social pages, such as Facebook and Twitter. If your business is particularly visual you may even have a great Instagram account.

However, abandoning LinkedIn because you think it doesn’t apply to your business, or because you aren’t recruiting, is a marketing mistake you don’t want to make.

LinkedIn allows you to connect with business people and companies in your industry. You can join an online community which is constantly growing and evolving.

The resources you can discover on LinkedIn are endless and keeping tabs on updates within your sector, in a time which is constantly changing due to ongoing government restrictions, is vital.

Tip 4 – Interact

One of the most frustrating aspects of keeping on top of social media marketing is that the algorithms are constantly changing. What’s more, is that they don’t tell you when or how they change.

Just when you think you have cracked the code of organic marketing on Facebook, they change the algorithm.

However, one tried and trusted method of making sure the algorithm doesn’t swallow you up and hide you away from potential readers, is interaction.

You can post as regularly as you like, however, if you fail to interact with other people’s content, social platforms will view this as negative and will refuse to push your content out. So, the combination of regular content and content interaction is a sure-fire way to keep the algorithm on your side…for now!

Tip 5 – Publish honest reviews

Honesty is always the best policy – a survey by BrightLocal found that “the average consumer reads 10 reviews before feeling able to trust a business”.

With this in mind, why wouldn’t you want to publish those glowing reviews right where the customer can find them? Maybe it’s because you are worried about what will happen if a negative review is published. Well with JudgeService’s Reputation Manager, you have the ability to turn those negative words into a positive.

Being able to respond to a complaint and fix a problem in the public eye is the perfect way to gain the trust of existing and potential customers.

In a world where digital marketing is always changing, published reviews about your company affect your online reputation. There are far too many review providers to be able to monitor and address the feedback given by your customers right away, so a tool that aggregates all your reviews in one simple dashboard is imperative if you want to take control of your digital presence.

To learn more about our reputation management service click here.


Take control of your digital presence with JudgeService’s Reputation Management service.

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