How to get your customers to leave online reviews

Increase your number of customer reviews by following these simple steps

Proof that your business is delivering exactly what they promised is vital.

“The average consumer spends 13 minutes and 45 seconds reading reviews online before making a decision”

– BrightLocal 2019.

Convincing your customers to leave an online review isn’t an impossible task. It just takes a little bit of clever marketing and usually some incentives!

Recommendations from friends and family and word-of-mouth are by far the most valuable ways to improve your business reputation, but positive online reviews come next. Proof that your business is delivering exactly what they promised is vital.

Firstly – inform your staff/colleagues on why reviews are important.

The people who will be influencing the outcomes of your customer reviews are the employees who have customer-facing roles. Therefore, it is critical that you explain to employees just how important it is that they create a positive customer experience during every sale/service.

Encourage your employees to urge customers to leave online reviews as the company values their feedback. If the customers are not reminded to leave a review, the likelihood that they will is very small.

Next, incentivise!

Using incentives is a great way to encourage and entice people into leaving you a review. It’s actually harder to get someone who had an amazing experience to leave a review than someone who had a bad experience. Usually, if someone has had a bad experience they will want to tell you about it, whereas if someone has had a great experience, they are more likely to just go on with their day to day lives without much thought.

Therefore, incentivising customer feedback with the opportunity to win something or being able to claim a discount for future purchases is a brilliant way to encourage those, that wouldn’t normally think to leave a review, to give you their feedback.

Not only can you have incentives for customers, but for employees too. If you say to employees that for every review featuring their name specifically, they can have an extra £5 in their paycheck, or that they can win a meal for 2, it motivates employees to provide a better service and the volume of reviews is sure to go up.

“only 53% of people would consider using a business with less than 4 stars” – BrightLocal

Finally, use the experts…

JudgeService pride ourselves on being the industry experts of customer insight. If customer feedback is what you are after then ReAct is the product for you.

ReAct is about much more than just reviews. ReAct gathers genuine and verified customer testimonials, star ratings and key business insights. Tailored to help you make those all-important business decisions that will help you grow and expand.

The JudgeService reporting system identifies trends and pinpoints issues that need to be addressed. Whether that is down to one customer’s experience, or the efficiency of your sales team. ReAct can highlight your best performing areas and your star team members.

Not only do we strive to be experts in customer satisfaction, but we want YOU to be experts too.

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