What to expect from JudgeService at AM Live Virtual

a virtual zoom call and a mug of coffee

JudgeService never misses an opportunity to attend AM Live, even if it’s virtual.

However, we think that despite the circumstance the automotive conference has the potential to be better than ever.

Why is this? Well, no one must make the journey to Birmingham for a starter, meaning that travel is no longer a factor in deterring people to attend.

The event is also super flexible, so people can dip in and out when they please. They don’t have to reserve an entire two days out of their busy schedule. Meetings and day-to-day business can carry on around the event.

What to expect from us?

This year on JudgeService’s virtual booth in Hall 1, Position 4 will be manned by our expert sales team and our founder, Neil Addley.

They will be ready and waiting to answer any questions you might have on:

  • Improving your customer satisfaction
  • Generating online reviews
  • Managing your online reviews/reputation
  • Turning your lost leads into sales
  • Which method of marketing is working best for you?
  • Using data and insight to analyse your performance
  • Anything else you might have questions on relating to JudgeService

Neil will also be sharing his “3 Golden Rules to improve customer satisfaction” in his presentation in the Seminar Theatre at 12.30pm on Wednesday the 20th of January. His presentation will feature a special appearance from Mark Busby, Commercial Director at Hendy.

Neil’s presentation will then be followed by a live Q ‘n’ A where you will have a chance to ask Neil and Mark your questions about JudgeService Research.

Our virtual booth will also feature:

  • Downloadable white papers
  • Product information
  • Video demonstrations of our JudgeService products
  • Links to social media channels and blog
  • Links to our sister brand YourPoll by JudgeService, our online market research business.

Don’t forget to stop by our Virtual Sweet Cart, to order your yearly dose of JudgeService sweets, straight to your door!

We can’t wait to see you there!



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