Top 5 reasons why customer satisfaction is so important 2021

Customer satisfaction in 2021


Ensuring your customers are satisfied with your service and/or product is the key to customer retention.

In a world where competition is higher than ever, and market share is becoming increasingly difficult to get a hold of, it’s worth your time to know exactly why customer satisfaction is so important.

Stand out from the crowd

It’s very likely someone else offers the same product or service as you somewhere. It might be that you have lots of competitors. So what makes you stand out above the rest? Make it your customer service.

If people recommend your customer service over your competitors, you will soon see the difference in customer retention and new business.

Showing your customer that you care about them with simple gestures and going the extra mile will increase customer loyalty and means more people are likely to recommend your business.

A bad experience will spread like wild-fire

It’s not new knowledge that customers who have had a poor experience are more likely to share that with others.

This can damage your reputation to existing customers and potential new prospects. Making more of a difference than you might anticipate.

This is why you should always attempt to resolve a customers problem, timely and efficiently, but also put processes in place to avoid a poor experience in the first place, for example, employee training.

It’s also worth noting that customers who love your business and products will act as your brand ambassadors, so it is crucial you keep them on board by consistently delivering a great service.

Reduce the customer churn

A report on global customer satisfaction by Accenture found that price is not the main reasons customers leave your business and go elsewhere. It’s poor customer service.

Measuring your customer satisfaction scores effectively, analysing your performance, and setting yourself targets is a great way of making sure you are keeping your customer service standards up to scratch.

It’s reflected in your revenue

If your customer satisfaction scores are consistently high, you will soon see this reflected in your revenue.

Recommendations, referrals, and returning customers will generate more business than if your satisfaction scores are low. So it’s important for the survival of your business to keep those customer satisfaction scores as high as possible.

Instant gratification

Receiving positive feedback from your customers is a great way of making employees of the company feel like they are doing work worthwhile.

It encourages them to keep doing their best and drives that consistency you need.

An unhappy employee is less likely to provide a 5-star service because their levels of care and respect for the product/business will not be as high.

How to find out what your customers think of you

If you want to find out exactly what your customers think of you, take a look at our customer satisfaction surveys.


We help over 1000 businesses across the UK manage their customer satisfaction scores by asking their verified customers to review their product/service.

You can then analyse your performance and find out exactly what you’re doing well and in which areas your business requires improvement.

Find out more by visiting our website, contacting us by email, or ringing 01423 266 166 and ask about how we can improve your customer satisfaction.


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